Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Going for gold days!!

Please have a look at the following -
The learners  highlighted in yellow will be attending Tuesday 4th May and Wednesday 5th May 2015.

The learners highlighted in orange will be attending Thursday 6th and Friday 7th May 2015.
 Adams, Joseph F
 Edwards, Luke F
 Hone, Kane  F
Stanton, Dani F
 Williams, Ffion F
 Evans, Mathew F
 Jones, Ethan F
Morrice, Christopher F
Oldfield, Alex F
Reed, Benjamin F
Williams, Jade F
Whatley, Sophie  F
 Pwanyire, Percy F
 Donovan, James  F
 Kris Taylor F
Brody Frederick  F
Ismail Oruk F
 Blake, Bobby  H
Campbell, Danielle H
 Harley, Benjamin H
 Scott, Shannon H
Price, Brandon  H
Barry, Georgina  H
Curtis, Megan H
Davies, Nikitta  H
Green, Tyler H
Reilly, Alana H
Watts, Charlie H
Twells-Crowden, Bethan 

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